Bikini Care


We’ve taken care to select the highest quality fabrics designed to be stronger and twice as resistant to UV rays, chlorine and tanning oils as regular swimwear, so if you take care of your Rockadi it will last you for years to come.

Don’t  Wash  Your  Bikini  Down  The Drain

Even though our fabric is made using only the strongest yarns, if the fibres deteriorate due to excessive scrubbing, harsh detergents, or lack of care, it can still shed microfibres that might make their way from your wash to the ocean.

You can help keep this to a minimum with these simple tips:

      • As soon as you leave the water, give your swimwear a cold rinse to remove any salt or chlorine – standing under the pool or beachside shower will do the trick, then give it a second rinse when you get home.
      • If more than a rinse is needed, gently hand wash in cold water using natural, biodegradable detergents that are gentler on fibres and colours – spot clean if you can and don’t rub the fabric too vigorously.
      • Try slipping your swimwear into a GuppyFriend® wash bag designed to keep loose fibres from entering the water.
      • Whatever you do, do not use a washing machine. They are designed to agitate the fibres in clothes which can cause synthetic yarns to break, reducing the lifespan of your swimwear and adding to the microfibre pollution problem in our waterways and oceans.
      • Avoid wringing your swimwear out. This can break the fibres and affect shape and elasticity. Remove excess water by rolling it in a towel and giving it a gentle squeeze instead.
      • Dry your swimwear flat and in the shade to maintain its amazing shape and colour. Direct sunlight can cause colours to fade, and if you hang it to dry, water pooling at the bottom can stretch the fibres out.
      • Do not bleach, iron, or tumble-dry your swimwear.
      • Never leave swimwear in a cold, wet heap and always make sure it’s fully dry before wearing again. Pack a spare so you can alternate, and they’ll give more life back in return.