Our Story




When we started it was simply to produce swimwear that was both beautiful and functional in the surf. We had no background in fashion, but once we learned about the impact of fast fashion on people and planet we just knew we could do things better.


Rockadi Launched

Started as a little side-business focused on local sourcing & ethical manufacturing. We bought quality fabrics and accessories from within Europe and made our bikinis in a small, independent, female-owned factory on England’s south coast.


Our First Eco-Friendly, Longer Lasting Bikini

Our attention turned to the environment and we switched to a premium recycled fabric. We still sourced within Europe, and still manufactured in England, now with two small, independent, all-female, south coast factories.


The Big Reset

The world went on lockdown and gave the planet a chance to breathe. The results were noticeable, but it wasn’t nearly enough. This is when we decided to take Rockadi full-time and use our little business as a big force for change.

Rocking Sustainability
Making Waves

Rockadi is a brand of Rocks And Waves, a small, independent, purpose-driven business that is dedicated to inspiring both consumers and brands to embrace a more ethical and sustainable future.

Our mission is to be a beacon of sustainability in fashion. Our goal is to put an end to the exploitation of both workers and natural resources for the sake of fashion. And our aim is to be a source of information and truth so we can all make more conscious fashion choices.

This is swimwear… with attitude!

As part of the slow fashion movement, we’re here to fight the effects of fast fashion and we partner with organisations that are dedicated to the causes we feel strongly about, volunteer our time to support them, and donate a portion of all our sales so they can continue to make a difference for people and planet.

We think this is the right attitude, and we hope that you do too.


Adriana xxx
Founder & the Adi in Rockadi

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