Our Promise


We promise to be the change. Consumer culture is driving unsustainable practices in fashion. By staying true to our cause, continuously looking at ways to reduce our impact, and making our voice heard, we hope to lead the way in slowing fashion down, fast.

Fashion Needs Fixing

People. In its efforts to drive costs down, fashion is one of the largest sectors, alongside technology, to support modern-day slavery practices.

Planet. With the amount of fresh water, energy, and natural resources it consumes to make fibres and fabrics, the waterways it pollutes with toxic dyes, and the amount of waste product that ends up in landfills & incinerators, fashion is one of the biggest industrial polluters of the planet.

Ocean Plastic. Plastic packaging and synthetic fibres contribute enormously to the 10 million tons of plastic that finds its way into our oceans each year.

Cheap Clothes Come At A Price

The number of big brands manufacturing in lower-cost regions is at an all-time high.
Modern slavery, including forced labour, child labour, low pay, and perilous working conditions, remains a major problem for many of the men, women, and children in the global garment industry today.

Fast fashion brands are getting bigger, and they produce more and more clothes every year.
The fast fashion industry is hurting the planet through industrial pollution and excessive waste, with 30% of all new clothes going unsold and more than 14 million tons ending up in landfill every year.

Man-made fibres like polyester cost less and can be found in over half of all new garments produced today.
The demand for cheap clothes means cheaper fabrics will be used. More than a third of the microplastics flooding into our oceans come from the laundering of low-quality synthetic textiles.

We’re Here To Turn The Tide Against Throw-Away Fashion

Our Promise is to continuously strive for better solutions that will make a sustainable future for fashion, the people it employs, and our planet.

This means leading by example, only partnering with suppliers that share our values, holding ourselves and our entire supply chain accountable for reducing our eco-footprint, treating employees well, and making sure we are always transparent about where, how, and by who, every element that goes into one of our pieces is made.

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