As a slow-fashion business, our prices reflect the cost of small batch production, high-quality materials, and fair pay across our supply chain, so we don’t usually do discounts, seasonal sales, or Black Fridays. But if you save a swimsuit from landfill, we think that’s worth a reward.

Did You Know?

An estimated 150 billion clothing garments are produced globally every year. 30% are never sold, most of those bought are discarded within 1 year, and 57% (14million tons a year) end up in landfill. Less than 1% of all material produced globally is actually recycled into new clothing, and less than 15% is recycled for any other use at all.

Fashion Has To Close The Loop

Our ultimate goal is to turn old swimwear into new. But nearly all swimwear, even if it’s made with recycled yarn like Econyl®, is made by weaving the nylon together with elastane to give the fabric its comfort, strength, and stretch. In order for either to be reused the two yarns need separating again, but current technology is not cost or environmentally efficient enough. Even so, we are committed to working on this and other closed-loop solutions with our suppliers.

In the meantime, we’ve teamed up with our production partner ApparelTASKER and First Mile to give our factory off-cuts and any old swimwear you send us another life, such as being downcycled to make carpet underlay, and without any being incinerated or ending up in landfill.

What To Do :

SWAP any old, well-worn swimwear (any brand) for a 15% reward:

1. Make sure your worn-out swimwear is clean.

2. Remove all metal accessories (rings, clasps, zips, underwire, etc).

3. Enclose your name and eMail address so we can send you your reward code.

4. Send your old swimwear to us at:

c/o ApparelTASKER
1 Bowood House
Empson Street
London E3 3LT
United Kingdom

5. Give yourself a big hug for making a difference ♻️

SHOP our sustainable swimwear where you can apply your reward code to all swim items in your next basket.

*If sending from outside the UK, make sure you mark your item as ‘used personal item – no commercial value’ to avoid any customs issues.
**Don’t game the system by buying cheap for big rewards. We will NOT issue a reward code for any new & unused swimwear we receive.

See Shipping & Returns for full terms.

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